Saturday, May. 28, 2022


One of the biggest factors that can influence the decision about where to go to college is the campus itself. Seeing how you feel on the grounds and how you fit into the surrounding area is a huge indication of how you'll feel making a life there for the next two to four years. Traveling around the country or to other countries for campus visits can get expensive, so why not start with a virtual college tour from eCampusTours? The site is comprehensive, offering information and articles on topics such as college planning, scholarships and financial aid, but what sets it apart is its 360° virtual college tours. Thanks to panoramic photographs, you can pan your way around the grounds of more than 1,300 campuses, visiting all of the notable buildings and attractions.

If you like what you see in the virtual campus tour, you might want to consider visiting the campus in person, guided by this helpful list of how to prepare, what to bring and what to ask. You can also learn more by searching the college website or contacting the college's admission office, information provided by eCampusTours on each university's virtual tour page. Sign up for a free account and start your tour today!

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