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health and safety

Health Resources

    Information on alcohol, drugs, violence and mental health. Related resources provided.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - College
    Covers just about everything related to college health and safety: check-ups, vaccinations, fatigue, physical activity, balanced diet, mental health, substance abuse, relationships and STDs. Also features relevant hotlines, spring break tips and a college health podcast.

  • CollegeWorks101
    Mental health, drugs and alcohol, and suicide prevention resources.

  • College Health Guide
    College student health center. Info. on mental, physical, sexual health.

  • 4CollegeWomen
    Comprehensive site covering women's health issues.

  • Health and Human Development
    Good info. on various health topics, including mental health, suicide, violence, injuries, pandemic influenza, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, reproductive health, and nutrition and fitness.

  • College Student Health Tips
    Diet, exercise, sleep and stress relief for freshman year and beyond.

    Tips on how to stay healthy in college.

  • College Dorm Room Health Tips
    How the new college freshman can stay healthy.

Health Topics




Safety Resources

    College safety info as well as first aid kits, pepper sprays, room safes, alarms and more.

  • Dept. of Education
    Campus crime info, including a handbook for campus crime reporting, regulations, data on campus crime and resources.

  • Campus crime data
    Office of Postsecondary Education of the U.S. Dept. of Education. Here, you can get crime/safety data for one institution/campus. You can view the campus's last three years of safety-and security-related statistical data, along with general information about the campus.

    Tips for staying safe on campus.

  • Slam the Online Scam
    Latest online/e-mail scams.

Safety Topics