Saturday, May. 28, 2022


Lexis Nexis
Extensive collection of reference material. Many colleges provide this service free to their students.
Google Scholar
Search for scholarly literature: research papers, theses, books, articles and more.
Computational knowledge search engine. Useful for stats help and finding obscure info.
Internet Public Library
Extensive collection of reference material. Includes special collections and "Ask a Librarian" sections.
Links to more than 10,000 libraries worldwide. Download research tools to your computer or phone.
Spark Notes
Highly useful literature guides. Also features study guides and discussion forums.
Reference, facts, news and tools for research papers.
Online libraries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and more. For quick help, "Ask an Expert".
Encyclopedias, biographies, topic search, language help, map tools, search tools.
Directory of university & college libraries in the U.S. Search by state.
Find out how to pronounce just about any word in any language.
Online Ph.D. Program
105 sites dedicated to academic research and higher education.
Chegg Study
Homework help that includes a 24/7 "Ask an Expert" service.