Thursday, Jul. 02, 2020

National Merit Scholarship

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), an independent, not-for-profit organization started in 1955, awards high school students through the National Merit Scholar Program. Any student who takes the PSAT and is eligible for the program is automatically in the running, but, after numerous rounds, winners are chosen based on his/her exceptional PSAT scores, academic record, recommendation from a school official, extracurricular activities and personal essay. Each year, 8,200 finalists are awarded one of three scholarships: a single-payment $2,500 scholarship, corporate-sponsored scholarships and college-sponsored scholarships. An additional 1,500 program participants who are not finalists are awarded Special Scholarships provided by corporations. The NMSC also runs the National Achievement Scholarship Program that annually awards 800 outstanding Black American students taking the PSATs with $2,500.

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